River Cottage Engagement

New author @ Joe Josland Photography

Don’t worry, it’s still Joe behind the lens of Joe Josland Photography … but there is a new right-hand-woman (now with a ring on her left hand) behind your screens… As events-manager-fiancée-extraordinaire, I can’t help but stick my nose into all his business, including – well – his business 😊.

If you’ve stumbled upon the blog on your own (congrats) or followed us over from Instagram, you may be wondering how Joe Josland Photography could possibly be anyone other than Joe Josland? Well, I have convinced him to allow me a blog-take-over… it’s for limited time only!

Why? You may ask… I am very persuasive! But seriously, I am a professional events manager and I have been dying to couple the amazing photography service with some helpful guidelines for brides-to-be. Being a wedding planner is a difficult job, being a bride/groom and wedding planner rolled into one can be daunting! Until we eventually follow the American-craze (which we inevitably do) of hiring dedicated wedding planners, couples take a very much DIY approach. Hopefully, some of the Instaposts and blogs here will give you some ideas for the planning process adorned by some wonderful photography of course! Follow @joejosland_photography to be sure not to miss out and look for the #SomethingBorrowed top tip with each post.

So, the proposal… it feels like a liftime ago already! We went to Dorset for the weekend in May to River Cottage HQ as Joe is obsessed with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (his love of cooking is high on the list of why I said yes). He had planned it with the amazing staff there to have a picnic blanket with champagne ready and waiting in a meadow just behind the cottage. He popped the question as the sun set over the surrounding hills. Of course, Joe was documenting all of it so here are some photos of the night!

River Cottage
River Cottage team
River Cottage canapés
Engagement Ring

Special thanks to river cottage HQ for the perfect setting.

#SomethingBorrowed … surprise proposal? Hide unpainted fingernails by holding hands in the announcement photo. It looks romantic and you don’t have to wait for that manicure appointment before sharing the news!