Why wedding photography is SO important

Wedding Planning

Where do you start? The dress? Venue? Flowers? Photography? Budget? Everyone is different. And everyone has different priorities.

One of the most important things to remember is that it is YOUR wedding day, everyone will have an opinion, but ultimately you should do what you want to do.

I speak to a lot of people who don’t think that they want wedding photography and then as they start getting closer and closer to the wedding there is a niggle of regret in their mind. Unfortunately, I’m not able to do every late booking, because many of my clients are booking a year or two in advance!

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If you don’t have a wedding photographer, how are you going to remember your day? “The guests will take pictures and we’ll get them sent over”. No you won’t, the guests won’t be taking professional quality photographs of the important moments of your wedding day. And on top of that, trying to get in contact and get everyone to actually send them to you will never work out!

A very important thing to remember is that a wedding photographer does more than just spend 12 hours of the day with you documenting your story for you to cherish. We then spend a few more days going through all of the images, editing them and curating your gallery that allows you to see the story straight away.

Things to look out for are:

  1. Style - do you like the wedding photographers style? Their approach? Are you going to feel comfortable having them around all day?

  2. Maximise your budget - The guests aren’t going to notice if you saved some money on flowers, favours, etc. put £250 less behind the bar and earmark it for your wedding photography. It’s the only thing you’ll have after the wedding day that will keep and be able to look at whenever you want.

  3. Book quickly - get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. I hate having to tell couples i’m already booked after they’ve spent the time to look at my photography and decide that’s what they want for their wedding.

Things to avoid:

  1. Price - don’t just book a photographer because they’re cheap, have a once in a lifetime offer or from Groupon. I was recently a guest at my sister in laws wedding where her Groupon photographers were late…very late…and missed the moment where her grandfather saw her in her dress. (good job I had my camera!)

  2. My uncle has a good camera - don’t do it. Don’t let the uncle, friend, sister shoot your wedding because they have a ‘Good’ camera. They may well have a good camera…but they’re not going to see in the same way that I will. It’s about the person holding the camera that has the insights and vision.

  3. Don’t book them if you don’t love them - It can be easy to just book a photographer online without ever speaking to them. If i’m unable to meet my clients, i’ll facetime and speak to them on the phone so there’s the foundation of a relationship there. It’s important to get along with your photographer and see them as a friend, someone you can rely on. I think that it’s often overlooked.